Thank you to all parents and carers who attended our sports days and cheered the children on during a variety of events!

We were very luckily with the fabulous weather and it was great to use the school field again. 

All children worked extremely hard on their sports days, many of them in very hot weather, and so were very deserving of the points they earned for their Houses. 

After adding up the points Lewes emerged as overall winner on the day! However, all teams are deserved to be praised for their team work.

“On Sports Day we played games like; bean bag race, egg and spoon race, sack race, sprint, fancy dress relay. It was so much fun, and everyone tried to do their best.

During the egg and spoon race some children dropped the eggs and they had to put it back on the spoon and carry on. During the sack race someone fell over, but everyone cheered her on as she jumped back up to carry on with the race.

The funniest race was the fancy-dress relay. The relay team had to dress up one of the team members item by item and race them back to the finish line.

The whole event was great fun! Well done everyone!”

Year 4 pupils

Reception, KS1 and KS2 children fully enjoyed every event and they showed great enthusiasm. It was a joy to watch all the fun events especially the Mum and Dad’s races!  

A big thank you to Mr Lockton, Reception, KS1, KS2 Teams and to our very helpful and dedicated Governors.