Recovery Curriculum

Waterfield have carefully constructed a Recovery Curriculum that identifies gaps in learning caused by the Nation Wide ‘Lockdown’ due to COVID-19.
The Waterfield Recovery Curriculum allows teachers to carefully review priority objectives from prior years to enable ALL children to access assessment led teaching that re-establishes a foundation of these objectives and still works towards their current year group’s objectives.

As a school the breadth of the curriculum has been maintained, with all children still experiencing all subjects in our wonderful Vehicles for Learning. Time has been spent to ensure that pastoral actions have been prioritised in order that children are supported and provision is personalised as we are aware that every child and every family will have had a unique and different experience whilst absent from school.

Lastly, it is important to note that although the Recovery Curriculum summarises key actions for the first few weeks of Term One, we are aware that the ‘Catch-Up’ process will take time. The detailed documents and rationale will be utilised over the entire year, to ensure that children and families are supported, learning is personalised, the breadth of the curriculum is maintained, creativity celebrated and that ALL children show progress within their current year group expectations.