All General Enquiries, concerns or questions should be first sent to the Office.

Mrs Hilary Wright will then be able to direct your enquiry to the correct staff member or department.

Please contact: office@waterfield.org.uk or 01293 548014

All admissions enquiries can also be supported through the Office.

For Nursery Hour enquiries please contact the office. 

The Office will also be able to help with regards to applications for Pupil Premium/Free School Meal Funding.

For appointments with the Principal please contact Mrs Roman – via the Office details above. Mrs Roman will enquire as to the nature of your enquiry and schedule your appointment accordingly. Please note if your concern or enquiry relates directly to your child’s learning it may be more appropriate to liaise with the Class Teacher or the Deputy/Assistant Principal. The Office staff will be able to discuss with you and support you in having access to the most appropriate staff member.

  • Mr James Purveur – Principal 
  • Miss Sally Newman – Assistant Principal
  • Mr Karl Chamberlain – Assistant Principal
  • Mrs Jacqueline Duquemin – Assistant Principal  

For all Enquiries regarding Inclusion & Special Educational Needs please contact Karen Billington – kbillington@waterfield.org.uk or the Office.

All meetings held will be compliant with our School Community Agreement.