Whilst the Early Years Department incorporates our children’s interests in their learning, we also believe it important that we broaden children’s knowledge through carefully crafted Learning Episodes that build a foundation of learning to prepare the children for their Vehicles for Learning (topics) in Year One.

At Waterfield we do this by providing the children with a BIG QUESTION – that is explored and enhanced through our learning experiences together. This Big Question is underpinned by high quality literature, carefully mapped vocabulary advancement and key concepts/knowledge. This is all delivered by our Practitioners (or Learning Guides) through our carefully devised method of: ENGAGE, EXPLORE & ENHANCE.
As we progress through the three academic terms the focus of the Big Question has been designed to build outwardly: taking the children from their own locality and development of self to a broader understanding of the Wider World and their awareness of others.

Termly Big Questions 

Term 1: If you go down to the woods today would you believe your eyes?

Term 2: Look UP, Look DOWN – What is all around?

Term 3: What do we wonder about the BIG WIDE WORLD?