As ‘Artists’ and ‘Designers’ children experience a sequentially planned ‘Art & Design Curriculum’ that results in the acquisition of historical critical knowledge, progressive accumulation of skills and growing sophistication when evaluating both their own and others’ final work.

Waterfield celebrate the arts by allowing children to explore and critique renowned art works through ‘Evaluation Stations’, whilst effort has been placed to link great Masters to and their contemporary peers to each Vehicle for Learning. We understand that the arts brings both joy and cultural knowledge to the children and aim for every child to foster appreciation and unlock a love of art beyond that which would usually be presented in our locality.

Our Arts curriculum is designed to allow ALL children access to and experience of Art, allowing self-expression and development in order for everyone to realize that everyone can express themselves artistically.


Art and Design, Design and Technology and STEAM topics are integrated into our Vehicles of Learning.

The Arts curriculum also draws close links from Music and through the help of our specialist teachers the children experience the guidance of ‘experts’.

The Progression of Art skills is based on 6 core concepts, each of which have been split into progressive milestones.

  • Colour
  • Pattern
  • Line and Shape
  • Tone
  • Form and Shape
  • Texture

Sketchbooks are used and carried throughout the school, to carefully record key points of the art curriculum, charting the progression of skills and allowing children to celebrate and evaluate their own journey as Artists.

Therapeutic ‘art’ sessions are delivered to support and nurture pupils, whilst our ‘Art Ambassadors’ undertake the leadership of specific projects across the school to bring the Arts into our daily lives.

We celebrate art in all its forms throughout the school, enhancing opportunities where possible with visitors, excursions and through our key events including ‘The Waterfield Arts Festival’, ‘Literary Festival’ and The National Gallery’s ‘Take One Picture’.


In the Early years the focus is on exploration and children are encouraged to express their ideas and explore creativity through using a variety of materials, tools and techniques; experimenting with colour, textures, patterns and form within individual and collaborative activities both inside and outside the classroom.

In KS1 this progresses into experiencing a growing range of media such as developing drawing and painting skills using textiles, printmaking, craft and design to make products and artwork both individually and collaboratively. From KS1 the children have sketch-books to record their observations and use them to review and revisit ideas throughout their learning journey at Waterfield. Waterfield are able to experience a diverse range of media and techniques within visual art.

Moving into KS2 the children are encouraged to explore their creativity and link this to empathy for global diversity through culture and the passage of time. The emphasis is on improving mastery when developing skills and various techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles, printmaking, photography and digital art. Children then discover their own interests to explore and research further. Sharing their learning and enthusiasm with others and evaluating their learning.

Through studying real artists all children are exposed to people that model learning behaviours that we wish to encourage; resilience, communication and taking creative risks are a few that the arts can demonstrate. The careful planning links with the rest of the curricular allow children to reflect on how the arts have shaped history, create culture and add to the wealth of Britain (and the world) today. We carefully balance studying artists from the Old Masters to The Impressionists to more contemporary living global artists who can be contacted through social media to enthuse our children further.  All of these have value within our diverse art curriculum.


Waterfield Primary School is also proudly currently working towards The Arts Mark under the guidance of our Arts Team.